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Postby GTG33 » March 6th, 2012, 7:52 am

The following applies to all Official NQPFC cruises., remember if the following does not occur you are not covered.
This doesn't stop you going driving with a few mates, but you can't use the club name in any way shape or form for that.

For all official club cruises to be covered under the CAMS umbrella (insurance and recognised as an official club cruise), the following applies:

1. All official cruises must be either annotated in minutes from general meetings or the secretary must be notified of any proposed cruises so they can be annotated (if not proposed at a meeting);
2. Only current and full financial members are covered for the cruises;
3. If any incident occurs on a cruise and there is any evidence of hooning or any other untoward behaviour then you are not covered.

For any official cruise I require the following information from the secretary at least one week prior to the event to get a permit for a club social event( covers thing like monthly cruises, BBQs etc, does not cover organised driving events like burnouts, go to whoa etc):

1. Name of the event (i.e. March club cruise, Christmas club cruise);
2. Event location;
3. Event start date;
4. Event finish date:
5. Hours conducted between;
6. Anticipated number of participants; and
7. If the place the event is being held wants a certificate of insurance plus $55 for the certificate of insurance (Usually required for car shows etc)

If you hold an event that has any driving events that opens up another whole kettle of fish
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